VA sees sharp rise in apnea cases –

Interesting article relating a 15% difference in the diagnosis of Sleep Apnea in the VA as opposed to the general population.  I don’t believe that veterans are more suceptible than the average non-military retiree but rather the VA doctors are better trained in examination and diagnosing this condition.

Also, if the average person on the street could receive benefits for sleep apnea, you would see them at the doctor tomorrow.  Since they don’t receive any benefits, they go untreated and become a bigger burden on the health care system with increase illness and mortality as they age.

I treat people of all ages for sleep apnea using removable appliances, working with their diagnosing physican, DME provider and their sleep lab. Sleep Apnea kills people quickly or slowly depending on the severity.  If you are tired all the time and are a heavy snorer, call for more information.

Dr Lowrance