Unfortunately for many TMJ sufferers, TMJ is a frequently misdiagnosed ailment. The diversity of symptoms that can be caused by TMJ, and the lack of knowledge many doctors have about the condition can lead people to be switched from one ineffective treatment to another until they finally speak to a neuromuscular dentist about their condition.

If you are suffering from symptoms like headache, jaw pain, tinnitus, and others that your doctor hasn’t been able to explain, we may be able to help. Please call (361) 851-8274 or email Corpus Christi TMJ dentist Dr. Don Lowrance today.

A Complex System Leads to Complex Symptoms

When the bite is in a neuromuscularly imbalanced position, and there is excess stress put on other nearby systems in the body, and in that way, symptoms of TMJ can range from the common clicking or popping in the jaw to tingling all the way down in the fingers. Here is a list of common TMJ symptoms:

Neck pain and bad posture come as a result of your body’s natural physiological tendency to try to correct the imbalance in the bite. Patients frequently, unconsciously hold their head forward in an attempt to get their jaw into a position that is more comfortable. Unfortunately, this puts a lot of strain on the muscles in the back of the neck, and causes neck pain on top of whatever other TMJ symptoms that the patient is already experiencing.

Grinding and clenching teeth is another TMJ symptom that comes as a natural consequence of an imbalanced bite. The body recognizes that the jaw is not positioned correctly and the jaw attempts to force itself into position by grinding and clenching. This causes wear on the teeth and can lead to worn-down, chipped and broken teeth.

Ear symptoms develop because the jaw and the ear are closely connected. In fact, the temporo- from the temporomandibular joint refers to the temporal bone, which houses your ear, and the three small bones in your ear are derived from jaw bones.

You Can Get Relief From TMJ Symptoms

With all the difficulty you may have had getting treatment for your TMJ symptoms in the past, you might have lost hope that you could ever be free of your TMJ symptoms. But relief is possible. We can help.

If you’ve been experiencing these or other TMJ symptoms and you live in Corpus Christi, contact Dr. Lowrance for a consultation. He can tell you whether or not your symptoms are caused by TMJ and then together you can create a plan for TMJ treatment.