TMJ pain bite splintMany people have heard of a “bite splint” or “TMJ splint,” but don’t really know what they are. You may just be in pain and think that a TMJ splint is the solution.

The first step in getting a TMJ splint is to contact Dr. Lowrance and find out if a TMJ bite splint is the right TMJ treatment for you. After a proper TMJ diagnosis, Dr. Lowrance will establish where your ideal, neuromuscularly balanced bite position is, and will be able to create an oral TMJ appliance called an orthotic (or commonly known as a TMJ “Bite Splint”).

The TMJ splint will realign your bite and will protect your teeth at night from grinding. The TMJ splint is worn 24 hours a day (except when cleaning the teeth) for a few weeks up to several months, and then you and Dr. Lowrance will have a follow-up appointment to decide what to do next, even if that is just to keep wearing the TMJ splint.

If you think that a TMJ splint might be right for you, contact TMJ dentist, Dr. Don Lowrance. He sees patients in the Corpus Christi areas.