Snoring and snorting are NOT  minor aging problems or a simple nuisance.  It is a very loud warning that your health is failing.  How many of us, if we had a car that made a noise that was loud and disruptive (and I am not talking about Rap music here) would ignore it.  No way.  We would have the car in a shop to fix the problem before it breaks down or sell the car.

Yet, when we snore and snort so loudly that our spouse sleeps in a separate room, your hunting buddies put you out on the porch at the lease, or your dog won’t stay with you when you sleep; we just mark it up to aging and ignore what it really is—a signal that disaster is coming.

Let me give you a few scientific facts about snoring:

▪   snoring means your airway is clogging up and you are not getting adequate oxygen

▪   snoring is an independent risk factor carotid artery stenosis

▪   snoring can lead to paralyzing strokes (that scares me more than cancer)

▪   snoring changes the texture of tissue in your throat (makes it sag)

▪   snoring is progressive (it just gets worse) and leads to sleep apnea

▪   snoring disrupts sleep and leads to excessive daytime sleepiness and accidents

▪   snoring affects all ages (including children)

▪   snoring, at a minimum, is a social problem

▪   snoring can literally cut years off your life

Again, snoring and snorting are warning signs like the indicator on your car dashboard,  a klaxon on a ship, or a tornado siren.  You don’t ignore it—you get treatment for it or suffer the consequences. Contact me today if you have a snoring problem.

Dr Don H Lowrance
Sleep Apnea Dentist
Corpus Christi, TX