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How Sleep Apnea Devices Differ

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With so many options for sleep apnea dental devices out there, how will you know which one is right for you? Obviously, you’ll need the help of a highly trained sleep apnea dentist. First, he will evaluate you to see if you are a candidate for a dental sleep apnea device. After the sleep apnea diagnosis, he will look at a variety of factors to identify the device that is right for you, including:

  • The severity of your obstructive sleep apnea
  • The size of your jaw / mouth
  • The amount that your jaw needs to be opened to achieve the proper position
  • Whether or not you have other TMJ problems
  • Whether you or not you clench your teeth at night


Here are some of the sleep apnea devices that Dr. Lowrance may recommend:

Somnomed sleep apnea deviceSomnoMed – The SomnoMed sleep apnea dental appliances are suitable to sleep apnea patients who have a large arch to their jaw.  The SomnoMed is more sturdy and can withstand the pressure of a clenching jaw. You can see SomnoMod’s new SomnoDent® MAS product line here.
TAP 3 sleep apnea deviceTAP® 3 – The TAP 3 sleep apnea appliance is made by AMI (Airway Management, Inc.). It is a smaller appliance than the SomnoMed, yet it is more durable than the EMA and Silent Nite sleep apnea appliances. The TAP 3 allows more room for the tongue, and is more adjustable by the sleep apnea dentist at the chair to fit them to the teeth.
TAP-PAP sleep apnea deviceTAP®-PAP – Also made by AMI, the TAP-PAP combines oral sleep apnea appliance therapy with CPAP technology. The appliance if fitted with a pressure hose that comes from the CPAP machine and rids the patient of the nuisance of wearing a mask. It also means that because the air is more focused (not filling a mask before entering the patient’s nasal passages), the patient can use a lower pressure setting on his/her CPAP machine
EMA sleep apnea deviceEMA® – The EMA Custom oral sleep apnea appliance is useful to treat snoring and for people who are borderline sleep apneics. See the EMA on the Myerson Tooth Company website.
Silent Nite sleep apnea deviceSilent Nite® – Made by Glidewell Laboratories, the Silent Nite appliance is very similar to the EMA. The Silent Nite website describes the appliance as a snoring prevention device, and not a sleep apnea treatment.
TRD sleep apnea deviceTRD – A TRD or Tongue Retentive Device is useful for patients who have a TMJ problem and opening the jaw wide and moving it forward would be problematic, this appliance works by manipulating the tongue instead. It is also useful for patients who have few or no teeth and for patients who have enlarged tongues. Unfortunately, not all patients adapt well to this appliance.
Herbst Oral Sleep Apnea ApplianceHerbst - The Herbst is a versatile sleep apnea device. The sleep apnea dentist and patient can easily increase vertical as well and anterior/posterior position.  Not as bulky as some appliances.

Call Corpus Christi sleep apnea dentist, Dr. Don Lowrance, today to schedule a consultation so that you can get started with your sleep apnea and snoring treatment. Contact him today.


Sleep Apnea is a medical condition that must be diagnosed by a Sleep Physician with an overnight sleep study (PSG). Sleep Dentists work with the physician to manage the Sleep Apnea with appropriate oral appliances. Dentists cannot treat Sleep Apnea without a referral from a Sleep Physician.

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