Risk Factors are what the medical community calls “co-morbities.” Below are conditions (risk factors/co-morbites) that are found along with Sleep Apnea. Studies are ongoing to determine which came first but we do know that Sleep Apnea increases the risk of various co-morbidities.

Sleep apnea sufferers are more likely to also suffer from:

  • depression
  • obesity
  • heart disease of all types
  • decreased cognition/performance/memory
  • impaired decision making
  • fatigue and work-related accidents
  • car accidents
  • substance abuse
  • suicide risk


Life style choices such as sleep hygiene, dietary habits and exercise greatly affect the severity of sleep apnea and related co-morbidities.  If you want to live long and ENJOY life, then make the changes now before it is too late.

Don Lowrance, DDS
Sleep Dentist