Really? – Throat Exercises Can Relieve Sleep Apnea – Question –

Ok.  I read this any found myself laughing so hard I almost blacked out.  Throat exercises for Sleep Apnea.  Yes, I have read about this and yes it does work for that one person in a 120 million who is willing to do this “without pay”.  Get real.  How many of us exercise or take our vitamins.

So if it does work, how can I get this type of benefit without exercising my throat?  You won’t.  If you don’t exercise nothing will happen even miraculously.  What you can do that is even better for you is;

  1. Lose weight.  If you can’t do it by dieting or exercise, get bariatric surgery.  It relatively inexpensive, quick and it will improve your overall health.  And wouldn’t you like to be thinner?
  2. Wear your CPAP.  If you Hate Your CPAP, then go to a dentist, like me, who is trained in Sleep Dentistry.  Make sure they are in the AADSM and take Sleep courses.

Those two options are very viable, quick and life giving.  Over-weight people (BMI above 30) have more illnesses, shorter life spans, and a lot less fun than people with lower BMI’s.

But if you are one of those 1 in 120 million and the didgeridoo is what you have always wanted to play, then knock yourself out.  Here is where you can get lessons.

Dr Lowrance

Getting Healthy