The Pure Power Edge MouthguardThe body is an amazing machine and like a machine, it can be fine tuned to run at optimal levels. Exercise and endurance training is important but if you have a malpositioned bite, it can affect your cervical muscles and feedback to the brain. If that is the case, you will never reach your Full Potential until the bite is corrected.

That is where the PPM Performance Enhancing Mouth Guard comes in. Professional football teams (New Orleans Saints), hockey teams, basketball teams, cyclist, and Olympic competitors are now wearing PPMs to enhance their Strength, Endurance, Balance and Range of Motion.

I have two High School Players wearing the PPM Key and the difference in their upper body strength, range of motion and ability of hold their breath is amazing.

I was recently told that Evander Holyfield can hold his breath 20 seconds longer with the PPM in place. That is remarkable for a well trained athlete to do that by correcting his bite.

This is something that evey athlete, regardless of the sport, will have to have to be competitive.

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