Remember the New Orleans Saints and their Super Bowl win. Who would have thought at the beginning of the season that they would win the Super Bowl? Anil Makkar knew they would. He is the developer and inventor of the PPM: a performance enhancing mouth guard. It is not a steroid, drug or vitamin. It is a mouth guard the balances your bite, TMJ and upper neck in a correct neuromuscular relationship. By doing this, a demonstrable improvement in upper body strength, endurance, range of motion motion and balance occurs. Now what do you think that is worth to an athlete? The entire Saints football team was fitted last summer the PPM and as they say “the rest is history”.

Please note that this same neuromuscular balancing is done for treating TMJ symptoms as well as making Neuromuscular dentures. If a PPM helps football players with strength and endurance, a neuromuscular denture will do the same for denture wearers.

Jerry Jones, the owner of the Cowboys, knows a good thing when he see it. He has decreed that the Cowboys will have the PPM also. Jerry Jones likes winning!! So during Bye Week, the boys will be fitted with this neuromuscular performance mouth guard.

Look for a winning season and place your bets now.

Dr Don Lowrance
PPM Certified Dentist