I attended the AADSM meeting but could not make the AASM this year. The AADSM was good and the major theme that ran through the meeting was an upsurge in use of Combination Therapy (CT) in OSA treatment. CT treatment is the innovative use of MORA (mandibular oral repositioning appliance) in combination with CPAP for those patients in the severe OSA category. This allows the PAP pressure to be reduced to reasonable levels and improve compliance by the patient. For PAP therapy to work, Compliance has to be achieved. It doesn’t work if it is patients are not wearing it or only wearing it at a minimum level. Intermittent oxygen hypoxia is still deadly.

CT therapy can even help moderate OSA patients who find that they have a hard time adapting to the mask. It may even be possible to eliminate the mask by use of a MORA. A second night PSG is required to establish that therapeutic goals are reached.

Dr Lowrance