BOTOX logoBOTOX® is known for its use in cosmetic facial enhancements. It is a toxin that temporarily paralyzes muscles by blocking the nerve impulses to muscles. It has been used to help stop clenching when clenching is causing tooth damage, muscle pain and TMJ pathology. NOTE: I do not treat, nor have I ever treated, patients with BOTOX® for any reason whatsoever. Using BOTOX® to treat TMJ is like taking aspirin for pain. It works but it does not stop whatever is causing the pain and just like aspirin (or any other pain reliever) long term use has side effects and consequences.

The problem with BOTOX® is that it leads to more BOTOX® (larger doses and more frequently) but does not not what is causing the grinding. The muscles that are affected begin to product more fibers to make up for the ones that are not working ultimately, without the BOTOX®, you would be worse off than if you never had it. Think about that. A little is OK but longer term use is not.

The ultimate solution involves neuromuscular treatment with an orthotic to place the jaw joint (TMJ) and muscles into a comfortable position.

Dr Lowrance