Oral Appliances Can Now Track Usage

We talked recently about how insurance companies often require tracking of your CPAP usage as a condition of coverage. For some people, this can be a real barrier to using oral appliances, especially if you have to use CPAP as a pilot or truck driver due to DOT regulations. That may soon be changing, now
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Space Travel Might Increase TMJ Risk

Even before scientists invented ways to launch humans into space, people have called space the next great frontier. In recent years, technology has brought us closer to breaking free of the Earth and exploring other planets. Although technology is on its way, space travel takes a toll on the human body. Physical and mental stress
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Learn to Recognize the Causes of Your TMJ Pain

Paying attention to the warning signs of pain flare-ups can help you manage your temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ). TMJ is a painful condition usually caused by a misalignment of the temporomandibular joint (jaw joint). Symptoms include jaw pain, jaw popping and clicking, tingling in the extremities, or frequent tension headaches. You might consider keeping a
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Benefits of Sleep You Could be Missing Out On

Your body relies on sleep to repair itself and replenish energy spent in the daytime. Sleep apnea disrupts your breathing through the night, causing you to wake up multiple times before morning. Inadequate rest puts a strain on your physical and mental health, negatively impacting your success and happiness. Studies have linked sleep apnea to
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Mouthguards Matter in Soccer

Soccer, known as football in most other countries, is one of the few sports that does not require a sports mouthguard in its regulations. People generally do not think of soccer as a contact sport. Naturally, this leads many to believe that the risk of dental injury for soccer players is too low to merit
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