First of all, let’s get our geography straight.  Your uvula is in the Upper one third of your body.  More specifically, it is in the back of your throat.  You know it as that little thing that hangs down in the middle of your throat.  It is most often seen in cartoons when the character is animating a loud scream or yell.  Ok, now that we got the location right, let’s get down to the story.

My friend Jonathan Fashbaugh, of Concerto Internet Marketing, has been deluged with a ton of new information (from me) about Sleep Apnea and TMJ.  He has had to fast forward all this information and organize it into the internet site you are now looking at.  I am sure Jonathan is dreaming about all this and may be even having nightmares about it.  This is where the “battered uvula” comes in.  I had recently explained to Jonathan that this is a result of heavy duty, industrial strength snoring.  Just like in the cartoons, you snore so hard that the uvula bounces around in the back of your throat like a can of beans on a store shelf in a magnitude 8 earthquake.  The difference is it lasts all night long and not just 3 minutes.  So, Jonathan wakes up and says to himself:

  1. I can’t talk
  2. my throat is so dry, I can’t swallow
  3. I am mildly nauseated
  4. and that little uvula in the back of my throat is huge and looks like large piece of liver.

“This all means I  have been snoring all night long and I have a high probability of having Sleep Apnea.  I got to talk to Dr Lowrance about this.”

It is nice to have someone like Jonathan working for you that really immerses himself into a project.  He calls me and I give him the following advice:

  1. rehydrate, drinks lots of non-alcoholic fluid
  2. don’t drink alcoholic beverages when you have sinus problems
  3. let’s do something about the Sleep Apnea

Jonathan is better now but we still need to treat the Apnea or the Battered Uvula will come back.  Please remember that the “battered uvula” is a symptom of the much bigger and more serious problem of Sleep Apnea.  It is nothing to make fun about and could shorten your lifespan by leading to a premature death.

Dr Lowrance
Corpus Christi, TX 78411

P.S. Uvula come from the Latin for grape: uva. An Uvola is a cluster of grapes. So, the thing in the back of your throat was named after the semblance of cluster of grapes hanging in the back of your throat.