Bariatric surgery has been with us for years but only recently has the availability of it reached a level of ease comparable to cataract surgery. It is almost “in and out” on the same day. Easy financing is available and people who have tried to lose weight but failed are finding that they can have a healthy life by have bariatric surgery.

Driscoll Children’s Hospital has one of the very first Children’s program (up to age 18) in the nation. They take cases that meet a certain criteria and after a few months of counseling for the child and family are put on a list for the surgery. It is controversial but helps kids who will otherwise be limited in their quality of life.

Better Life Bariatrics in Corpus Christi has an outpatient program that is remarkable for the post surgery follow up and care. The patients are recalled monthly and given free vitamins that are specific for their weight loss and reduced calorie intake. Doctors Hougen and McDaniel have been performing and perfecting the surgery for over 15 years.

Weight loss is essential for good health but is also essential for good breathing. People who have a BMI over 30 are at a significantly increased risk of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). Untreated OSA can lead to heart related diseases, high blood pressure, problems with sugar metabolism, strokes and sexual dysfunction (EDS in men).

I work with Sleep Physicians to help patients with OSA breath again and improve their quality of life. Weight loss, whether done solely by diet or with the help of a bariatric physician is absolutely necessary to stop the onset of these diseases.

Dr Lowrance