You can’t live or even thrive without adequate oxygen. The atmosphere we breath is about 12% Oxygen at sea level and decrease in altitude. Above 10,000 ft, the available oxygen to breath gets so low that we begin to make mistakes in judgment, repetitive actions become slower and harder to do, fatigue is a major problem and losing consciousness is a real possibility. 10,000 feet is nothing. Mount Everest is 21,000 ft. People climb mount Everest with the help of oxygen bottles. Very special training and acclimation is necessary to do it without the help of supplemental oxygen.

What has this got to do with our airway. For me to Live and Thrive, I need a great airway. I need to get the O2 into my lungs and into my blood stream as quickly as possible. And, I need to maintain a blood level of oxygen that is above 90% spO2. If my air intake stops, my life stops within 3 minutes. Beyond that and there is permanent brain and organ damage. Airway IS King.

There are several things that threaten King Airway, like:

  1. blocked nasal passage, allergies, deviated septum; all of these squeezing air off.
  2. next would be large tonsils, adenoids and soft tissue in the throat
  3. and then there would be the Queen Tongue.

Like the King, the Queen demands a lot. Above all, she want plenty of Room. If the oral cavity (vault) is too small due to  bicuspid extractions from orthodontics, or a collapsed bite due to grinding away your teeth: then the Queen has no place to go but back into the throat where she stops up the airway. You have to have a comfortable fit for the tongue in the mouth or the tongue will retrude into the throat.

The signs to look for are:

  1. a tongue that spreads out over the lower teeth when the bite is over-closed (collapsed)
  2. scalloped border (edges of the tongue) or corrugated appearance

Guard your airway and make sure the Tongue is NOT clogging it up.

Dr Lowrance