Snoring/Sleep Apnea

Snoring and sleep apnea go hand-in-hand.

Do you or someone you love have a chronic snoring problem? Did you know that snoring is the number one indicator of sleep apnea, which is a potentially life-threatening disease?

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TMJ can cause a variety of painful symptoms.

If you suffer from jaw pain, frequent headaches, or other symptoms that you think may be caused by TMJ, Dr. Lowrance can help.

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Perfomance enhancing mouthguards

If you're an athlete looking for a way to get a boost in performance, Dr. Lowrance can help you find that added power within you with a Pure Power Mouthguard.

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Sleep Apnea Dentistry, TMJ, and Performance Enhancing Mouthguards

Serving Corpus Christi

Our bodies are amazing machines, and some of the most amazing parts of our bodies are the systems created by nerves, muscle, and bone. One of the most intricate of these systems is the neuromuscular system that ties our jaw to the rest of our bodies. At first glance, the jaw seems to be a simple hinge joint that just opens and closes. What could our jaw have to do with issues like sleep apnea and athletic performance? How could the jaw cause some of us to have unrelenting headaches, neck pain and jaw pain? The neuromuscular functionality of our bite affects more of our overall neuromuscular health and well-being than we understand even with today's amazing technology.

Dr. Don Lowrance has been practicing dentistry since 1975 and he has focused on neuromuscular dentistry as the area of dentistry that he is most passionate about. Neuromuscular dentistry is the practice of addressing dental health as essential of the overall neuromuscular and physical health of the patient. Dr. Lowrance has the training and equipment to treat neuromuscular problems, but for the diagnosis of sleep apnea, he relys on the expertise of trained physicians.

Contact Dr. Lowrance if you're interested in any of these areas of neuromuscular dentistry:


Sleep Apnea

As a result of a neuromuscular bite imbalance, you may suffer from obstructive sleep apnea. According to the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, approximately 18 million Americans suffer from obstructive sleep apnea as of September 2009. Many people think of sleep apnea as a sort of pseudo-ailment that amounts to little more than a poor night's sleep. In reality, sleep apnea can cause problems ranging from chronic snoring to heart failure. It is a potentially life threatening condition that should be treated seriously. Dr. Lowrance is trained in the treatment of sleep apnea, but he does not diagnose the condition.
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A neuromuscular bite imbalance can also have painful consequences in the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), the complex joint that connects your lower jaw (the mandible) with your skull. Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD or commonly referred to as simply TMJ) can cause a whole host of symptoms of imbalance such as headaches, ringing in the ears, and jaw pain to name a few. Dr. Lowrance enjoys being able to help people rid themselves of what can be crippling problems as a result of TMJ. Read more about TMJ therapy.

Performance Enhancing Mouthguards

One of the most curious applications of neuromuscular dentistry is the ability to enhance athletic performance through neuromuscular mouthguards. Sports mouthguards built on neuromuscular principles do not give an athlete unnatural ability like steroids do. Rather, the sports mouthguards that Dr. Lowrance provides unlock the innate athletic potential that may be inhibited by a misaligned TMJ. Read more about performance enhancing mouthguards made with neuromuscular dentistry.

If you live in the Corpus Christi area, contact Dr. Lowrance's office at (361) 851-8274 for a consultation.

Sleep Apnea is a medical condition that must be diagnosed by a Sleep Physician with an overnight sleep study (PSG). Sleep Dentists work with the physician to manage the Sleep Apnea with appropriate oral appliances. Dentists cannot treat Sleep Apnea without a referral from a Sleep Physician.

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